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The prosecution of white collar crimes reaches record low in 2019

In an interesting news article, it was discussed that the prosecution of white collar crimes in America is on track to be at the lowest level in over 30 years in 2019. The total federal cases prosecuted has dropped significantly over the last eight years, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearing House at Syracuse University.

What is causing such a steep drop-off? Federal prosecutions have dropped on the whole, not just for white collar crimes. What is important to remember, though, is that criminal probes and investigations can take many years. Sometimes, indictments won't happen for years after an investigation begins, which could explain years with a low number of indictments and prosecuted cases.

Is a DUI affecting your work? Get your attorney's input

When you decided to go out for the night, it was your intention to take a cab home and collect your vehicle in the morning. Unfortunately, by the time you were ready to put in a request for a ride, your phone was dead and you didn't have a way to reach out.

Since you lived relatively close to the bar, you decided to risk driving home. Unfortunately, not long after you got behind the wheel, an officer pulled up behind you and stopped you. You knew you'd been drinking, so you prepared for the worst.

Why you should take the consequences of your DUI seriously

After an arrest for a DUI or DWI, your future interests are on the line. You could face penalties that include everything from time behind bars to expensive fines. It's critical to take your situation seriously and to vigorously defend yourself. But where should you start with that process?

One of the critical components when facing a drunk driving charge, whether it's your first offense or you have other convictions on your record, is to know what to expect from the process. From the moment of your arrest to heading to the courtroom, preparing a strong defense strategy is important at every step. This is why many people find it beneficial to seek experienced legal guidance as soon as possible after an arrest. 

Violent crimes: Robberies and the threat of force

When you think of a robbery, what do you imagine? Many people think of a bank heist or someone taking a priceless artifact from a museum. The reality is that robberies can be much more generic than that. Robberies are defined as theft that is accomplished by using the threat of violence or violence itself. In almost every case, there needs to have been a victim who was threatened with harm for a case to be a robbery.

A robbery is a violent crime by nature. Robberies include:

  • Threats of violence
  • Violence or force
  • Taking an item with the intent to steal it against the will of the victim

Can you give away or sell prescription medications?

You're a patient, which means that you have plenty of prescriptions that you have to fill and take regularly. Over time, your medical bills added up, and now you're swimming in debt.

One of the medications you have is in high demand. You still fill it every month, but you don't take it often. You think it might be better to sell it and to make back some cash, so you can pay down what you owe.

Deputy dies in intersection crash resulting from alleged DUI

When you're driving while under the influence, you are putting yourself and others in danger. Sadly, many people find that their one-off bad decision does lead to serious consequences.

Take for example this case involving a South Florida crash that resulted in a deputy's death. A 32-year-old man was driving when he ran a red light, hitting a deputy's vehicle.

What are the collateral consequences of a DUI conviction?

A DUI conviction has the potential to turn your life upside down. It is a mistake that can affect the way you live in a number of ways. The penalties for a DUI conviction are notably strict. You may receive a significant fine, potential jail time and a variety of other disciplines. The legal punishments alone are likely enough to assure that you will never make the same mistake again.

However, it may not necessarily end there. DUI convictions also have collateral consequences that could affect the way you live your life for many years. It is important to understand how these changes may impact your life specifically and to contact an experienced professional to assist you if necessary.

Self-defense can be a good reason for violence

Violent crimes can range in severity, from someone striking another person to an individual hitting someone with a vehicle intentionally. In all cases of violent crimes, there is a potential that the person who was accused is innocent thanks to a defense of self-defense.

If you are accused of acting violently toward another person, showing why you had to react in the way you did is a good way to prove that you should not be held liable. Here's an example.

Florida's embezzlement laws: Know where you stand

Embezzlement is a serious problem across the United States, and as a white-collar crime, can get you into deep trouble with the federal government and your state. Embezzlement is an offense that can be prosecuted based on Florida's theft laws. In general, these laws apply to those who take or use other people's property without authorization. The intention must be to keep the property, not to give it back to the original owner.

As someone who is accused of embezzlement, something you should know is that it's not very easy to get a conviction. Why? The state has to prove that you had the intention of using property without the victim's consent. If you accidentally spent funds or lost items belonging to another party, then it would be very difficult to prove embezzlement.

Is death row a possibility for crimes in Florida?

Violent crimes are often punished to the fullest extent of the law, sometimes coming with the potential for the death sentence. Capital punishment has been legal since 1978 in Florida. Since then, 98 people have been executed.

There are some significant challenges that come with death sentences. For one thing, the judge and jury must be 100% certain that the individual is guilty. Secondly, death sentences can't be carried out until all appeals are exhausted. In many cases, stays are granted, or sentences may be commuted back to life sentences instead.

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