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Here's why it's hard to prove a white collar crime case

White collar crimes are often not penalized as seriously as you might expect. As a result of this kind of leniency, it's possible that you could be found guilty of the crime and still face few penalties.

Your defense attorney's job is to make sure that the prosecution has a difficult time obtaining a conviction. Your attorney will help you build a solid defense for your actions or inaction, creating doubt among the jurors.

A strong defense can help your DUI case

A DUI can quickly change your life. It's not just the fines or court dates that affect you, it's also the stigma of having a DUI on your record. You may find it harder to get a job or be unable to get the loans you need for school. You might struggle with social relationships, especially if your friends or family have been negatively affected by DUIs in the past.

As someone who is dealing with the impact of a DUI, it's in your best interests to work quickly to develop a strong defense against the allegations. It's possible to defend yourself and avoid a conviction in some instances. In other cases, it's possible to seek alternative penalties, so that you don't lose your license or may not end up with a DUI on your record.

New bill could change Florida's criminal justice system

Many changes may be coming to Florida's criminal justice system, which is wonderful news for those who may be accused of drug-related offenses. The Florida First Step Act is moving through the Senate, and it could potentially eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for certain nonviolent offenders.

The sponsor of the bill, a lawmaker from St. Petersburg, wants to do what he can to begin a conversation on criminal justice reform in Florida. The bill, Senate Bill 642, passed the first committee the week of March 6, and it's suspected to continue forward.

What you need to know about a first time DUI

Just about everyone has been there at one point or another: you're out with friends or co-workers, you're hashing out work and daily life and at some point, you realize you've had one too many. The evening starts winding down and you're pretty sure you're safe to drive. The next thing you know you've been pulled over and are trying to walk the line.

Despite the fact that some people try to laugh them off, being convicted of even one DUI carries serious penalties. Aside from spending the night in a drunk tank, you can expect to pay heavy fines, spend time in jail, have your reputation damaged and worse.

Carjacking penalties can be extensive: Protect yourself

There are many federal crimes that have a variety of penalties in the United States. One that is more common is carjacking. Carjacking is when a person steals a vehicle through force or intimidation. The automobile must have a driver or passenger present for the theft to be considered carjacking.

In Florida, carjacking is a felony offense when the person attempting to steal the vehicle uses a weapon to commit the crime. For example, if you attempt to steal a vehicle and use a gun to make the person get out of the vehicle, then you could face felony carjacking charges. If you do not use a weapon or firearm, then it is a felony, but it is a felony of the first degree.

El Chapo jury finds him guilty

Well-known drug lord, El Chapo, whose real name is Joaquín Guzman Loera, has been found guilty of the charges against him in court. The 61-year-old could be sentenced to spend the remainder of his life in prison for drug trafficking and conspiracy.

The jury had an intense job on their hands. They had to review data and evidence from as long ago as the 1980s that involved the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Man faces charges after fatal hit-and-run crash

Hit-and-run crashes are some of the most serious because there's at least one victim left behind to fend for themselves. The driver who leaves the scene may not know if the victims are safe or even if they're alive.

When a person leaves the scene of an accident without stopping, it's called a hit-and-run collision. If that person is caught, they can face serious criminal penalties on top of the potential for insurance claims against them. As always, however, it is important that the person gets to explain their actions and defend themselves. Sometimes, there are explanations that could help others understand why they'd leave the scene.

Know your rights when you face accusations of violence

There are many times when people do things that they shouldn't. Sometimes, people participate in activities that lead to injuries that they didn't mean to cause. In worst-case scenarios, people who injure others can be charged and threatened with penalties for committing violent crimes.

There are several crimes considered to be violent crimes. Violent crimes usually require for there to be a victim who was hurt or killed. That means that crimes such as sexual assault, assault and battery, domestic violence and kidnapping could all be different violent crimes. However, there are cases where domestic violence, for example, might not be a violent crime, like if the violence actually involved financial abuse.

3 sentenced for distributing and possessing heroin

Drug crimes are taken seriously, especially in light of the opioid crisis. When people deal drugs that are known to lead to addiction, there is a high risk that those individuals could be sent to prison.

Three men in Ocala have been sentenced for distributing heroin, according to a news report from Dec. 21. The report states that the men usually completed drug deals in Marion County, where there was a farm with good coverage. The three men will face decade-long prison sentences for their actions.

Does Florida have per se drugged driving laws?

Even though the terminology directly states, "driving under the influence," many people believe that a DUI only applies to those who drink alcohol and then drive. The truth is that you can get a DUI for being under the influence of drugs as well. Those drugs may or may not be legally purchased.

One key thing to remember about a DUI is that an officer can give it to anyone who appears to be under the influence of medications, illicit drugs, alcohol or other chemicals. Drugged driving is harder to identify, but that doesn't mean that an officer won't try to stop you and arrest you for it.

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