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December 2018 Archives

Does Florida have per se drugged driving laws?

Even though the terminology directly states, "driving under the influence," many people believe that a DUI only applies to those who drink alcohol and then drive. The truth is that you can get a DUI for being under the influence of drugs as well. Those drugs may or may not be legally purchased.

Florida’s DUI laws and their potential effects on you

Whether it’s for a business dinner, family event or to celebrate a life achievement, when you go out for drinks, you probably do not intend to get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol. Many people drink and drive, even though all are familiar with the “be responsible” messages of doing so. However, as you overestimate your own buzz and ability to drive, that is not always the case.

Much is at stake for those accused of violent crimes

Facing any kind of criminal charge is typically a frightening prospect but certain criminal allegations are worse than others are for Florida defendants. Accusations centered on violent crimes such as aggravated assault, murder or robbery can be especially devastating. If the prosecution wins a conviction, the defendant's life will change immediately and the consequences will last a lifetime. Possible consequences include:

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