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Here's why it's hard to prove a white collar crime case

White collar crimes are often not penalized as seriously as you might expect. As a result of this kind of leniency, it's possible that you could be found guilty of the crime and still face few penalties.

Your defense attorney's job is to make sure that the prosecution has a difficult time obtaining a conviction. Your attorney will help you build a solid defense for your actions or inaction, creating doubt among the jurors.

Why is it hard to prove a white collar crime?

Usually, it's not hard to show that the crime took place, but it is difficult to prove that the person or people who committed it did so intentionally.

For example, imagine if all parties involved in a contract completed different sections. They might have read their portion of an agreement and nothing else, not realizing that other parts of the contract or agreement were illegal. In that case, it would be difficult to prove that any party knew about other parties' involvement or about illegal transactions taking place. People might also use a defense such as, "my colleague reviewed this for me and I signed it," showing that they may not have had the intention of getting involved in criminal conduct.

While it's hard to show that people knew what they were doing was wrong in some cases, there is still a chance for prosecution. That's why it's important for you to work with an attorney you can trust. Someone has to support you as you fight these charges so that you can protect your own best interests.

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