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The right help can change the outcome of a violent case

The right help can change the outcome of a violent case

| Apr 25, 2019 | Violent Crimes |

Violent crimes take many forms such as murders, assaults and aggravated assaults. No matter what kind of violent crime you’re accused of, it is important that you have a strong defense to give you some protection against the prosecution. It’s easy for an unintentional act to suddenly be presented as if it was intentional, which can significantly impact the charges in your case.

Take, for example, a murder case. There may be a question about whether you intended to cause harm to the other person or not. Even if you were acting in self-defense, you want to make sure you’re protected against unfair murder charges. Unintentional homicides carry far fewer penalties than murder charges, so it makes sense to have your attorney fight to keep the charges realistic and fair based on the situation.

Why do violent crimes carry such heavy penalties?

Violent crimes often carry heavy penalties due to their nature. A murder can lead to many years in prison based on federal felony laws. Judges and juries don’t like to see people who are dangerous or harmful to others in court, so if your reputation proceeds you, you could have a difficult time proving your innocence. Prosecutors who believe a defendant was in the wrong and intentionally killed someone, for example, are much more likely to seek a harsher penalty than if they believe this was an accident or an act of self-defense.

Your attorney will work hard to make sure your case is presented fairly and favorably. You deserve to remain innocent until the judge or jury decides on a verdict.