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Immigration crimes the most common federal crimes in U.S.

Immigration crimes the most common federal crimes in U.S.

| Jun 5, 2019 | Federal Crimes |

Every year, there are lists of federal crimes released to the news. In fiscal year 2018, that list was topped by immigration offenses. Immigration offenses are often federal crimes because they tend to involve overstaying a Visa or coming into the country illegally.

There are a few things that impact federal crimes, and cracking down on any one type of crime will cause it to seem inflated on a year-by-year basis. For example, the Trump administration’s “no tolerance” policy has meant that more people who have crossed into the country face serious penalties and arrest, whereas the prosecution and searches for these people may have been less active in the past.

In FY 2018, 96.3 percent of 23,883 immigration cases involved Hispanics, with most of them being male. In the majority of cases, the people involved were sentenced to prison, with 13,500 people being allowed out on supervised release. Only 866 people who were defendants in these federal cases were under 21.

Interestingly, non-U.S. citizens made up 42% of the federal offenders in the United States that year. Many of those cases were immigration related.

If you are stopped and arrested for any kind of federal crime or believe that you are under investigation, it’s time to reach out to your attorney. Getting help with your case is essential, especially if you could have your life in the United States threatened. Our website has more about federal crimes and what you can do if you’re accused of any kind of crime that could result in a long prison sentence or harsh fines.