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Is death row a possibility for crimes in Florida?

Is death row a possibility for crimes in Florida?

| Jul 5, 2019 | Violent Crimes |

Violent crimes are often punished to the fullest extent of the law, sometimes coming with the potential for the death sentence. Capital punishment has been legal since 1978 in Florida. Since then, 98 people have been executed.

There are some significant challenges that come with death sentences. For one thing, the judge and jury must be 100% certain that the individual is guilty. Secondly, death sentences can’t be carried out until all appeals are exhausted. In many cases, stays are granted, or sentences may be commuted back to life sentences instead.

Did you know that a private citizen is paid to execute those on death row?

An anonymous member of the public is paid $150 to deliver the fatal injection or to power on the electric chair. Both lethal injections and electricity are used to end the lives of those on death row since 2000. Prior to 2000, the electric chair was the only permitted method allowed to be used to end an inmate’s life.

Can juveniles end up on death row?

Juveniles may not be sent to death row. If they appear in the records under the age of 16, it was because they were adjudicated as adults in their court proceedings.

If you face the potential of going to death row, then it is essential that you speak with your attorney about finding ways to reduce your chances of a death sentence being on the table. With the right help, it might be possible to reduce the charges so that you don’t face the risk of the death penalty.