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Can you give away or sell prescription medications?

Can you give away or sell prescription medications?

| Aug 28, 2019 | Drug Crimes |

You’re a patient, which means that you have plenty of prescriptions that you have to fill and take regularly. Over time, your medical bills added up, and now you’re swimming in debt.

One of the medications you have is in high demand. You still fill it every month, but you don’t take it often. You think it might be better to sell it and to make back some cash, so you can pay down what you owe.

Don’t sell your prescription medications

By law, prescriptions must be dispensed by those with the legal authority to do so. You are not authorized to write or fill prescriptions, so selling or transferring prescriptions to another person is going to be against the law. Even if the other party has the same prescription as you, the reality is that they have a certain quantity that was ordered for them. Giving them more is not legal.

If you sell or give away prescription drugs to someone else, you could be charged with crimes such as possession, the use of medications in an illegitimate way or for distributing drugs. These are the same charges that someone might face for dealing illicit drugs. Remember, the kind of drug doesn’t matter; prescription medications cannot be transferred from one patient to another.

If you are accused of violating the law with a prescription drug crime, make sure you defend yourself. This is a crime that can land you in prison, so it’s important to work with your attorney and focus on building a strong defense for your actions.