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Self-defense can be a good reason for violence

Self-defense can be a good reason for violence

| Aug 1, 2019 | Violent Crimes |

Violent crimes can range in severity, from someone striking another person to an individual hitting someone with a vehicle intentionally. In all cases of violent crimes, there is a potential that the person who was accused is innocent thanks to a defense of self-defense.

If you are accused of acting violently toward another person, showing why you had to react in the way you did is a good way to prove that you should not be held liable. Here’s an example.

Imagine being in a local bar late at night. You haven’t been drinking, but the people around you have. One decides to ask you out on a date, and they go as far as to start pulling you toward their vehicle. In that case, you used force to prevent them from continuing to pursue you. Most people would say that’s reasonable as long as you used reasonable force to get out of the situation.

Fearing for your life or feeling threatened can be good reasons to use self-defense techniques, whether those include hand-to-hand violence or weaponry. Typically, you’ll want to show that the amount of force you used was necessary. Essentially, if someone is threatening to hit you, shooting them probably isn’t reasonable.

However, there are circumstances where it could be, so make sure you talk to your attorney about everything that happened leading up to the current violent crime charges. You may be surprised by the defensive options you have.

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