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Is a DUI affecting your work? Get your attorney’s input

Is a DUI affecting your work? Get your attorney’s input

| Sep 26, 2019 | Dui |

When you decided to go out for the night, it was your intention to take a cab home and collect your vehicle in the morning. Unfortunately, by the time you were ready to put in a request for a ride, your phone was dead and you didn’t have a way to reach out.

Since you lived relatively close to the bar, you decided to risk driving home. Unfortunately, not long after you got behind the wheel, an officer pulled up behind you and stopped you. You knew you’d been drinking, so you prepared for the worst.

After being tested, your blood alcohol content (BAC) was found to be over the limit. Now, you’re having to decide how you’re going to handle your future, all because of a single poor choice.

Will a DUI affect your career?

One of the things that many people become concerned with is the chance that a DUI will affect their careers. The truth is that it’s hard to say until your attorney reviews the case, and your employer is informed. In some cases, your job could be threatened. For example, if you have to drive for work, losing your license due to a DUI could result in termination from being unable to perform your work. If your employee handbook has regulations regarding DUIs, it may also state that a DUI gives your employer the right to terminate your role with the company.

Our site has more about DUIs and what you should do if you get one but want to keep your job. Your attorney can help you fight against the DUI charges.