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The prosecution of white collar crimes reaches record low in 2019

The prosecution of white collar crimes reaches record low in 2019

| Oct 11, 2019 | White Collar Crimes |

In an interesting news article, it was discussed that the prosecution of white collar crimes in America is on track to be at the lowest level in over 30 years in 2019. The total federal cases prosecuted has dropped significantly over the last eight years, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearing House at Syracuse University.

What is causing such a steep drop-off? Federal prosecutions have dropped on the whole, not just for white collar crimes. What is important to remember, though, is that criminal probes and investigations can take many years. Sometimes, indictments won’t happen for years after an investigation begins, which could explain years with a low number of indictments and prosecuted cases.

Some of the current top charges nationwide include bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud and identity theft. These are considered to be difficult to prosecute because it can take a long time to decipher the complex transactions that can be used to hide the offenses.

Who is most likely to be a white collar offender?

A 2016 study showed that white collar criminals were more likely to be in their late 30s at the time of their first offense and could generally be described as white, middle-aged males with a good education. Most offenders in the data set had a spouse, too.

If you are accused of white collar crimes, it’s smart to stand up for yourself and to have your legal team on your side from the beginning. These cases are difficult to prosecute, and good defensive strategies could be the difference between a dropped case and an indictment.