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What are the collateral consequences of a DUI conviction?

What are the collateral consequences of a DUI conviction?

| May 20, 2020 | Dui |

A DUI conviction comes with more consequences than a fine and some time behind bars. The collateral consequences of a DUI conviction can have a drastic impact on a convicted person’s life. The additional effects of a DUI may be enough to keep someone from making the life-changing decision to drive under the influence.

The United States ranks third in terms of most drunk drivers per capita. The courtroom is not the only place where a convicted driver can receive consequences.

The workplace

If their job is related to driving, a person with a DUI conviction may lose their job due to their charges. This loss of income can lead to additional hardships, like struggling to pay bills or keep up on rent or mortgage payments.

The road

Depending on the severity of the DUI conviction and the number of prior charges, an additional consequence of a DUI charge can be the temporary or permanent loss of a license. Losing the legal means of transportation can also result in job loss if someone cannot find other reliable methods to get to work.


Along with accidents, DUI charges can also increase insurance premiums for several years. This increase in fees can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra costs. An increase in premiums can keep someone from paying for other necessary expenses.

The costs are not worth it

A DUI conviction can cause someone to pay severe fines, have a breathalyzer on their car, and even spend time behind bars. While these consequences may seem to be enough to teach someone their lesson about driving drunk, they are not the only ones.

The legal and collateral consequences of a DUI conviction can last for years, and change the way a person lives. Avoid driving under the influence as the best method to not receiving a sentence, and not receiving these life-changing consequences.