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Former MLB rising star arrested in Key West

Former MLB rising star arrested in Key West

| Jun 30, 2020 | Misdemeanors |

It may be easy for people in Ocala to write off those accused of crimes as being proverbial “bad eggs” whose actions and conduct merit the consequences they now face. Yet what this assumption fails to take into account are the many factors that may contribute to one’s alleged criminal activity.

In many cases, some might reasonably argue that those supposed actions may be the result of deep-seated psychological issues that a person needs assistance in dealing with. Simply chalking them up to yet another statistic swallowed up in the criminal justice system may not help in getting them that assistance.

The curious case of former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder

The recent arrest of a former rising star in the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball organization may serve to demonstrate exactly when an arrest might uncover the need for assistance. Authorities discovered the man sleeping behind a building in Key West and subsequently arrested him. It was later revealed that the man was a former player for the Dodgers who saw his career derailed due to injury. Reports state that representatives from the organization worried about his mental health status. The man now faces trespassing charges stemming from his arrest and is currently awaiting his release on bail.

Helping criminal defendants get what they need

While mental health struggles and other issues do not excuse criminal activity, one may reasonably wonder whether accused of it would have even been in a position to merit suspicion if not for those problems. Securing counseling and treatment to address them may not only help a defendant, but also the court in fulfilling the reformative and rehabilitative goals of the criminal justice system. One might find securing an outcome guaranteeing such assistance to be easier when they have an experienced attorney to rely on.