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Penalties and risks of sharing prescription drugs

Penalties and risks of sharing prescription drugs

| Jun 5, 2020 | Drug Crimes |

When a friend or acquaintance isn’t doing well, physically or emotionally, your natural instinct might be to drop whatever you are doing to try and help them. However, the last thing you should do is share some of your prescription drugs with them.

Maybe your ADHD medications would help a friend stressing over school work or your leftover painkillers from getting your wisdom teeth removed would help your friend with chronic pain. But, that isn’t up to you to decide. Sharing your prescription pills with someone can cause you legal and personal troubles.

Is it actually illegal?

It is indeed against the law to sell or distribute drugs, even if you have obtained them legally. If what you share is a controlled substance per Florida law, then you could face legal consequences. Specifically, Floridians who take part in drug distribution activities, both small and large scale, can receive a felony charge. The charge usually includes a dose of jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. The jail sentence and fines vary based on each case and an individual’s criminal record.

Plus, if you actually care for the person you share them with, then it’s worth noting that they could face penalties for possessing illegal drugs too.

What could go wrong?

Even if you and your friend are able to keep your little drug deal on the down low, anyone who takes prescription drugs could experience side effects or abuse the drug. You have no clue how someone might react to the drug you give them. Say you do work in the medical field and have extensive knowledge about the drug you are sharing — you still have no way of obtaining and reviewing a friend’s complete medical history, allergies and so forth.

The result of unknown drug allergies, side effects or an overdose can be as small as dizziness and as serious as death. Essentially, in the worst-case scenario, if you give your prescription drugs to someone and they die from them, then you could face murder charges.

Instead of thinking you should make use of unused medications by helping someone in pain, you should carefully dispose of them and suggest a friend receive medical attention instead.