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3 men arrested, accused of serious drug trafficking, sales in Ocala

3 men arrested, accused of serious drug trafficking, sales in Ocala

| Dec 1, 2020 | Drug Crimes |

When the authorities arrest individuals accused of drug crimes, they normally take their time with investigating before they do so. Take, for example, this case out of Ocala in which three people have been accused of selling narcotics.

The Ocala Police Department was just one of the agencies involved in the drug bust. They claim that the three men were involved in selling cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine. They allegedly also had fentanyl and heroin in their possession.

What did the authorities discover during their investigation?

During the investigation, the authorities reported seeing two of the men working to transport large quantities of cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine. One of those two men is now accused of being the source of the narcotics being distributed. The two others were reportedly distributing drugs but not believed to be the source of those narcotics.

In the local community, fentanyl overdoses are a top killer. That’s why the discovery of 177 grams of the drug and another 15.5 grams of mixed heroin/fentanyl was so significant. Each man now faces different charges, but one faces 16 counts, and he was only reported as a seller of the drugs.

If you are accused of committing drug crimes, it’s important for you to understand that you could face many charges despite it seeming like a single offense. You need a defense to protect yourself, or you could find that the penalties far outweigh the crime. Your attorney will work closely with you to make sure any and all charges against you are fair and that they can have others reduced or eliminated when possible.