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Stopped for suspicion of DUI? Here’s the best way to avoid an arrest

Stopped for suspicion of DUI? Here’s the best way to avoid an arrest

| Dec 11, 2020 | DUI/DWI |

Even though there are strict laws to deter people from driving under the influence of alcohol, it remains a problem in nearly every nook of the United States. That means officers are always on the lookout for suspected drunk drivers — and sometimes they pull over the wrong person.

If you’re stopped for suspicion of DUI, it’s likely that your blood pressure will rise, you’ll begin to sweat and you’ll get that sick feeling in your stomach. But remember to keep your cool. You’re not under arrest just yet.

What you should do when an officer suspects you might be driving while impaired

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to avoid an arrest. You’re intoxicated, the officer knows it and it’s only a matter of time before they take you to the station. However, there are other times when you can protect yourself with the idea of avoiding an arrest. Here’s what you should do:

  • Remain respectful and cordial: Taking a bad attitude toward the officer puts you at a disadvantage. Even if you’re not intoxicated, it’ll give the officer reason to believe that you are.
  • Don’t say too much: This is where many people make a mistake. You talk, talk and talk some more, eventually slipping up and giving the officer reason to believe that you’re drunk. Don’t attempt to persuade the officer that you’re sober. 
  • Don’t begin to talk about your legal rights: Don’t say things like, “You can’t make me get out of my vehicle. I have legal rights, too.” These are clues to the officer that you probably are hiding something.

When you follow these tips, it can help you avoid an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. Should you be arrested anyway, it’s time to turn all your focus to your legal rights and protecting your future.