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Could Marion County’s Adult Drug Court be an option for you in your Ocala drug case?

Could Marion County’s Adult Drug Court be an option for you in your Ocala drug case?

| Mar 25, 2021 | Drug Crimes |

Many individuals who end up facing drug charges aren’t big-time drug manufacturers, distributors or traffickers. They’re instead ordinary people who found themselves in possession of some illicit substance due to a series of unfortunate circumstances.

While it can be jarring anytime that you find out that you’re facing drug charges, you’ll be delighted to learn that there are some jurisdictions  here in Ocala where they offer defendants a second chance. The Marion County Adult Drug Court may provide you with much-needed substance abuse treatment and keep potentially life-altering criminal charges off your record.

How do drug courts work?

Many counties throughout Florida and the rest of the United States offer a specialized court system that allows non-violent drug defendants to receive court-supervised substance abuse treatment while retaining their jobs and remaining present in their families’ lives. Defendants who complete program requirements generally qualify to have their charges dismissed.

What requirements must I meet as a participant in drug court?

You should expect to spend between 13 and 17 months enrolled in the 4-stage Marion County Adult Drug Court program. The court will require you to submit to random drug testing and attend regular court hearings throughout your participation in this program. They’ll expect you to attend individual and group counseling sessions and peer support meetings to remain eligible for participation in this program as well.

Your failure to comply with these terms may result in sanctions and ultimately having your case remanded back to criminal court for adjudication.

Determining your eligibility for participation in drug court

Each drug court has its criteria that you must meet to qualify for participation in a drug court program. You must get your application approved by the State Attorney’s office provided you meet the eligibility criteria for participation in the Marion County Adult Drug Court program. You’ll receive a notice to appear in front of the drug court judge once this happens to enter a plea and sign a prosecution agreement in your case.

Your participation in this alternative sentencing drug court program here in Ocala may be the answer to keeping your criminal record clear. An attorney can advise you whether you may be eligible for participation in this program depending on the unique circumstances surrounding your Florida drug case.