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Circumventing an ignition interlock device could lead to charges

Circumventing an ignition interlock device could lead to charges

| Apr 7, 2021 | Dui |

One of the consequences of a DUI conviction may be putting an ignition interlock device on your car. You might not like having it there. Yet, not using it could lead to further penalties or driving restrictions.

When the judge told you to put an ignition interlock in your car, they should have laid down rules. These may include what type of device, how often someone must maintain it, and what proof you must submit. If you are unsure of the rules, ask.

Is there ever a reason to circumvent your ignition interlock?

Imagine you are lying in bed after having some beers to celebrate your dad’s 60th birthday. Your mom shouts that your dad is having a heart attack. If calling an ambulance is not an option, and you are the only one that can drive, but you have drunk alcohol, what do you do?

Can I get my mom to blow into the machine if she has not been drinking?

Having someone else blow into the device for you could lead to both of you facing charges.

Can I use someone else’s car that does not have an ignition interlock?

When the judge tells you to put a device in your car, that also means you cannot drive other cars. Work vehicles may be the exception, as long as your employer is aware of your conviction.

What happens if I break the ignition interlock device to drive my dad to the hospital?

If there is no alternative to get your dad to the hospital, you may decide to break the ignition lock. You would need to explain to the court why you violated the terms of your DUI sentence. If they are happy with your explanation, it should not bring consequences.