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Experienced Representation In Federal Criminal Cases

In federal cases, the stakes are high. The U.S. government has significant resources it can bring against you. Because mandatory minimum sentences may be in play, you will need to aggressively contest the charges or face severe penalties and potentially lengthy prison time.

Defending against federal criminal charges requires experience, knowledge and skill that not every attorney possesses. You need someone who is unafraid and able to take on complex cases. Someone who understands federal law and the way federal prosecutors work.

Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney David Mengers Can Help

The Florida Bar has recognized David Mengers as a Certified Specialist in criminal defense. He has significant experience defending his clients against federal charges of all types, including drug trafficking, property crimes and sex offenses.

The U.S. government will have spent a long time building up its case against you. In order to defend against these charges, you need a detail-oriented, aggressive and capable attorney on your side.

With 30 years of courtroom experience, criminal defense lawyer David Mengers has a unique skill set and ability to provide thorough and aggressive defense for you against federal charges.

Schedule A Free Consultation Today

There is little time for delay when faced with federal criminal charges. Contact federal criminal defense attorney David Mengers today to schedule a free initial consultation and begin protecting yourself and defending your rights. Call 888-300-1595 or contact the firm online.

The Law Office of David Mengers is located in Ocala, Florida, and represents clients throughout Marion County.

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