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Exploring Your Options When Facing Violent Crimes Charges

Florida takes violent crimes very seriously, and prosecutors often seek verdicts and punishments for such cases to the fullest extent allowed by law. You may be facing years of incarceration, a felony record and a lifetime of consequences if you are convicted of a violent crime.

Whether you are charged with homicide, assault, rape, battery or robbery, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side, someone who is unafraid of the courtroom.

Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney David Mengers Knows Your Rights

The Florida Bar has recognized David Mengers as a Certified Specialist in criminal defense. With 30 years of courtroom experience, he has a history of success representing criminal defendants charged with violent crimes, including murder charges.

Attorney David Mengers has the knowledge, experience and skill to present your case persuasively before a jury. He also understands how to negotiate with prosecutors, when required, in order to mitigate some of the potential consequences of a conviction before a jury. Successful negotiation requires preparation to go to trial and aggressiveness in defending the constitutional rights of the accused.

Get The Help Of A Recognized Criminal Defense Attorney

David Mengers has spent his career diligently and ethically defending the rights of the accused. He has built his reputation by providing outstanding legal representation and focusing on results. That dedication has resulted in recognition by the state of Florida and his peers for outstanding legal knowledge regarding criminal defense matters. More importantly, his approach has led to the successful representation of numerous clients.

Crimes of violence result in serious legal charges and potential consequences. Get the help of a serious criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

Learn More About Your Rights

Violent crimes attorney David Mengers can clearly and honestly explain your situation and options. Knowing the potential penalties and how you can best defend yourself is the first step in any criminal defense strategy.

You can schedule your free consultation by calling 888-300-1595 or through this confidential online form.

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