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Addressing Identity Theft Allegations

Are you accused of assuming someone else’s identity? The illegal use of someone’s personal identifying information is at the center of an identity theft charge. Identifying information can include such things as:

  • Name, address and date of birth
  • Credit card numbers
  • Identification card numbers

The information could be from anyone, even from a family member.

Ocala criminal defense lawyer David Mengers has an over 30-year reputation of providing skilled and aggressive legal representation to clients accused of:

  • Social Security identity theft
  • Criminal identity theft
  • Credit card theft

This type of white collar crime allegation is common in Florida, but there are ways that you can prove you did not commit a crime. Defenses in an identity theft case include:

  • A person consented for you to use their information
  • You mistakenly used someone else’s data
  • The personal information did not belong to the alleged victim

Possible Penalties

Criminal sentences for identity theft can be quite stiff. Victim restitution and fines also add to the criminal penalties. Stealing under $5,000 by using someone’s personal information is a third-degree felony, which earns up to five years in prison. The second-degree felony charge is for more substantial sums above $5,000. Theft of $50,000 or more by using someone’s data earns a first-degree felony, which can get a charged individual up to 30 years imprisonment.

Obtaining personal information to perpetrate harassment against someone else is a first-degree misdemeanor. Using a minor’s personal data unlawfully is a second-degree felony and use of a deceased person’s identifying information earns a third-degree felony.

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