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Injunction For Protection (Restraining Orders)
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Understanding Your Options In Restraining Order Cases

Some marriages do not end well. When allegations of domestic abuse and domestic violence arise, however, the situation can quickly escalate and result in significant consequences for those involved.

A judge can issue a temporary injunction for protection without you being present, if the judge finds you may likely have committed an act of domestic abuse. This can immediately affect your ability to see your children, your ability to stay in your home and may influence custody and visitation matters in the future.

However, just because an allegation of domestic abuse has been made does not mean you are guilty of any wrongdoing. You have the right to make your case and present your side of the story with the help of a skilled protection for injunction attorney.

False Accusations May Still Have Serious Consequences Unless Fought

David Mengers is an experienced family law and criminal defense attorney who has helped numerous people facing allegations of domestic violence in contested divorce and child custody proceedings get their life back on track.

You have the right to an attorney at a hearing when a judge issues a permanent injunction for protection, also known as a restraining order. But it is important to get the help of an experienced family law attorney. Such proceedings are emotional. Without a calm, objective advocate on your side, you may harm your own case, even if you have done nothing wrong.

Know Your Options. Get A Free Initial Consultation.

David Mengers is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer and an experienced family law attorney who has been helping people facing allegations of domestic abuse regain their standing in the community and their family.

You can schedule a free consultation by calling 888-300-1595 or through this confidential online contact form. The Law Office of David Mengers is located in Ocala, Florida, and represents clients throughout Marion County.

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