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Defend yourself when you're accused of assault

You were sitting at home when a stranger knocked on the door. They were a neighbor from the area, and they just wanted to introduce themselves. You were friendly to them at first, but as they became more unusual to speak to, you tried to excuse yourself and end the conversation.

Violent crimes: Robberies and the threat of force

When you think of a robbery, what do you imagine? Many people think of a bank heist or someone taking a priceless artifact from a museum. The reality is that robberies can be much more generic than that. Robberies are defined as theft that is accomplished by using the threat of violence or violence itself. In almost every case, there needs to have been a victim who was threatened with harm for a case to be a robbery.

Self-defense can be a good reason for violence

Violent crimes can range in severity, from someone striking another person to an individual hitting someone with a vehicle intentionally. In all cases of violent crimes, there is a potential that the person who was accused is innocent thanks to a defense of self-defense.

The right help can change the outcome of a violent case

Violent crimes take many forms such as murders, assaults and aggravated assaults. No matter what kind of violent crime you're accused of, it is important that you have a strong defense to give you some protection against the prosecution. It's easy for an unintentional act to suddenly be presented as if it was intentional, which can significantly impact the charges in your case.

Know your rights when you face accusations of violence

There are many times when people do things that they shouldn't. Sometimes, people participate in activities that lead to injuries that they didn't mean to cause. In worst-case scenarios, people who injure others can be charged and threatened with penalties for committing violent crimes.

Much is at stake for those accused of violent crimes

Facing any kind of criminal charge is typically a frightening prospect but certain criminal allegations are worse than others are for Florida defendants. Accusations centered on violent crimes such as aggravated assault, murder or robbery can be especially devastating. If the prosecution wins a conviction, the defendant's life will change immediately and the consequences will last a lifetime. Possible consequences include:

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